Polo Art Images

Neil Egerton is one of the world’s leading sports photographers.   Based in Southern Spain, he usually spends his time on the road, covering a variety of different major sports events from the Olympics to Wimbledon to the Grand National.  In recent years, however, he has focused mainly on equestrian sport, in particular polo, but, of course, with most sports at a near standstill, he is back in Spain waiting for everything to get going again. 

Having met in Spain during the summer, Jo is now working closely with Neil to raise his profile even higher than it is already, with a view to filling up his diary quickly once polo, in particular, gets going again, hopefully in the Spring of 2021.    Starting with a quick overhaul of his website, Jo and Neil are now proactively approaching the media and polo clubs around the world, and in just a couple of months Neil has been inundated with requests for interviews and photos. Recent coverage can be seen below: