Prague College

Prague College is an independent university in the Czech Republic and the only university with all its programmes accredited in the UK. 

Jo began working with the college when her agency was appointed to give PR support to its marketing department during the period 2010-2012.   Jo oversaw the work of the agency whilst it carried out a standard ’corporate PR campaign’ to raise the College’s profile in the CR, which included the regular distribution of press releases, organising interviews for key personnel, drafting articles and setting up occasional press briefings.  The agency then started on a new PR strategy which continued until 2018, when Jo started to slow the agency down and move into her new role as a marketing and business consultant.

Since 2018, Jo has been involved with and advised on the overall strategy of the College, including being involved in the start-up of a new ‘media and communications’ course, researching other potential courses for the future, and many other marketing and business activities.